“The commercialization of TURIANOVA housing starts. In this new mega-district of Valencia, near La Nueva Fe, the project of Díaz and Sanjuan – ARCHITECTS, of two buildings of 222 and 163 Public Protection Homes is being carried out”

This was how yesterday the model of TURIANOVA looked, in the event organized by AQ Accentor for the presentation of the sales office and the pilot floor, with which the commercialization of this NEW NEIGHBORHOOD of Valencia located next to La Nueva Fe began officially.

In the foreground, we can observe the RIODEVA building, a linear block of 120 meters in length and 15 heights, designed by Díaz and Sanjuan – ARCHITECTS, which houses a total of 222 Public Protection Homes.

The execution of the works of both urbanization – already begun – and of construction have been awarded to Grupo Bertolín