SituationBuñol, Valencia
Area4.680 m2
Intervention DYSProject
Construction Management

Located in Hoya Avenue 15, on the corner of Joaquín Masmano Street, 1 and 3, on a plot of 1,441.87 m2, from the Reparcelling of the UE-3 of Buñol, Valencia.

The building consists of three basement floors, ground floor and five upper floors. It has an inclined roof, under which there are some attics linked to the houses of the fifth floor. The building is divided into three blocks, with their corresponding halls and communication cores.

In total, the building refuges 60 homes, 5 commercial premises, two parking basements with capacity for 53 vehicles and 37 storage rooms and a parking area with capacity for 38 vehicles.

Joaquín Masmano facade

Facade of pedestrian square

View of the corner of Hoya Avenue and Joaquín Masmano Street

View from the Pedestrian Square

Aerial photography