PromoterCommunity of Cirilo Amorós, 2
Area3.115 m2
Intervention DYSRehabilitation Project
Construction Management
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Interior design

This is the Integral Renovation of the Residential Building corresponding to number 2 of Cirilo Amorós Street, located in the area of FIRST CITY EXPANSION PROTECTED, in Valencia.

The building that houses a total of 12 homes, 2 offices and commercial premises, has numerous deficiencies that compromise its stability, security and functionality and that make it necessary a global intervention.

In the renovation carried out, there isn’t any change in use and attempts have been made to maintain, as far as possible, the original characteristics of this building built in 1948.

Facade to Ruzafa street

Facade to Cirilo Amorós Street

Views of the corner

Views from Cirilo Amorós Street

View of the hall from the entrance.

The part of the hall located next to the access, has been restored completely, keeping all the original elements of the building. It has included a ramp section, to save the gap of the existing step and make the accessible route.

The space located below, already altered by different renovations in the landing of the lift and the start of the general staircase, has been completely remodeled. The letterboxes integrated in the oak paneling, the new LED lighting and the stainless steel of the elevator door, give it a neutral and minimalist look, which does not compete with the restored area.

Detail of the area of letterboxes and lift

View of the entrance door to the hall.

It is a door made of wrought iron, which due to its original configuration – lateral and upper sections and two central folding doors – did not have the minimum dimension necessary to allow accessibility to the building for people with reduced mobility.

The solution adopted to eliminate this architectural barrier without having to replace the original door, has been to recompose its elements in such a way that the fixed adjacent to the practicable leaf is annexed to it, thus widening the free width of passage over the minimum dimensions required.

Aerial photography of the site