SituationBuñol, Valencia
PromoterPosada Venta Pilar S.L
Area1.868 m2
Intervention DYSDetail Study
Construction Management

The “Posada Venta Pilar”, located at number 5 of Pérez Galdós avenue, in Buñol (Valencia), is an old “venta” of the eighteenth century, located in the upper area of the urban area of this town, and still maintains its original activity .

The action includes the intervention in the carriage yard of the original building, to provide this space – now converted into the main access – of the necessary functional characteristics, without altering the primitive elements that are still preserved.

The facade maintains its original shape

It is also intervened in a place adjacent to the establishment, which generates a series of service spaces and passage areas, as well as an emergency exit at the far end of the main access.

The building is extended through the construction of two building blocks of two heights, attached to the right party wall and a block of one height attached to the back party wall, generating a multipurpose space in the central patio.

Renovation in the access of the “Venta”

With the developed intervention you get:

Adapt the facilities to the current standards.

To reach the levels of ACCESSIBILITY established in the current regulations.

Generate new spaces for general services and renovation.

Expand the number of rooms to a total of 15 units.

Entering the old carriage yard

Breakfast area and staircase to the room floor.

Multipurpose open space of the central patio

Breakfast area

View of one of the rooms

Aerial view