Situation: Bolintin Deal. Giurgiu. RUMANIA
Year2009 (Phase 1. Rest in execution)
Area26.580 m2
Intervention DYSProject
Construction management

Industrial park in the metropolitan area of Bucharest, located at Km 23 of the A1 Autostrada, on a plot of 54,300 m2, in Bolintin Deal. Giurgiu. Romania.

IMOBEST PARC KM 23, consists of three blocks of buildings, each of them subdivided constructively into three sectors, which in turn can be divided into up to 52 modules, depending on the requirements of the user.

The complex has two access points, through the service road of the A1, at the height of the detour to Bolintin Deal, at Km 23, being both the roads and the service infrastructures, among which there is a sewage treatment plant and a transformation center, among others.

Aerial photography of the site


IMOBEST PARC KM 23. Promotional Video.