SituationLoriguilla, Valencia
Area730 m2
Intervention DYSProject
Construction Management

BIOCLIMATIC BUILDING, which includes a series of measures aimed at achieving optimal use of light and solar energy, as well as an improvement in thermal insulation, to achieve a high thermal inertia.

It is an exempt building located at number 1 on Morera Street, on the corner of Azahar Avenue, Loriguilla. Valencia.

The plot has an area of ​​1387 m2 and is qualified as Private Multipurpose Private Land.

The building is articulated from four blocks around a rectangular central patio, in which the playground is located, bordered perimetrally by a glass corridor that solves the totality of the circulations of the building, while allowing a perfect control of the students during the game periods. The block located to the north is the one that lodges the access to the building, that takes place in the corner of both streets of situation, as well as the administrative zone and professor area. The southern block is used for services, among which are the multipurpose room and the kitchen; It has an emergency exit to the free part of the plot next to the adjacent green zone, which allows its use as a service access. In the east and west blocks we have the 6 First Cycle classrooms requested.

View from Azahar Avenue

Exterior of the multipurpose room, from the outside open space

View of the central patio

Central patio. Games area

Detail of the access from the hall

View of the central patio from the secretary’s office

Detail of the perimeter corridor to the patio

Detail of the garden roof and the central patio

Detail of the garden roof

Aerial views