Situation: Buñol, Valencia
Promoter: PORTICON, S.L.
Area16.825 m2
Intervention DYSProject
Construction Management

Located in Música Avenue 6, corner with Jesús Sáez Ramírez street, on a plot of 2,851 m2, from the Reparcelling of the UE-4 of Buñol, Valencia.

The building consists of two basement floors, ground floor and five upper floors. It has an inclined roof of tile, under which there are some attics linked to the houses of the fifth floor. The building is divided into three blocks in height, and two in block patio, which correspond to the first ones and include the building for garage and commercial. All of them have an independent structure.

BLOCK 1, has a facade to Jesús Sáez Ramírez street, with two entrances, corresponding to numbers 5 and 7. It has also the vehicle accesses to two parking spaces, as well as the pedestrian access located in the first basement.

BLOCK 2, located in the chamfer, has two lobbies, that fall to Jesús Sáez Ramírez street, corresponding to numbers 1 and 3.

BLOCK 3, has a facade to the Música Avenue, which is the only hall corresponding to number 6 of it.

BLOCKS 4 and 5, refuge garages and shops located in the block patio, and are developed on two floors of basement and ground floor.

The building refuge a large commercial area of ​​5,250 m2, in which a supermarket of the MERCADONA chain is located, which is developed on the ground floor, with a linked parking, with capacity for 63 parking spaces, located in the first basement. The rest of the building consists of a total of 52 homes, four commercial premises and a second parking basement with capacity for 88 spaces.

Facade to Música Avenue

Views from Música Avenue

Acces to MERCADONA and clients parking

Acces to MERCADONA from Música Avenue

Aerial views