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Ideas contest

Ideas contest, international ambit, for the stabliment of the esthetic conditions of the façade of the new building to sustitute the “Centro Sanitario Municipal de la Plaza de América”.

COLOR, the motto of the proposal of Díaz and Sanjuan – ARCHITECTS, consists basically in the creation of a “skin, which completely covers the building above its ground floor and gives it a totally neutral geometry, which does not compete with all the styles concentrated in the square and its adjacent roads.

But not only the geometry tries to guarantee this neutrality, since the “skin” is conceived on the basis of a reflective glass covering, on exposed aluminum profiles, which reproduces the image of Navarro Reverter and General Navarro Sangrán streets, as well as the reflection of Turia Gardens, of the Flowers bridge and the Peineta bridge, in the Paseo de la Ciudadela.

In the section of the chamfer of the facade that is projected onto this large space, somewhat undefined, which is the América Square, a chromatic combination of glass cladding has been used, which gives the building the uniqueness that its location is demanding. . It is a gradation of five color tones, which are occupied in an orderly manner by the different modules of the cladding of the section of the chamfer facade; in each level of coating, the elements of the gradation are placed in an orderly and symmetrical way from the center of the facade section, jumping from position in those places where the module is occupied by a window gap, and continued by the facades contiguous until finishing all the elements of the gradation. In this way, the facades corresponding to Navarro Reverter Street and Paseo de la Ciudadela, are subtly sprinkled with elements of color -in their softest nuances- achieving a continuity in the treatment of the facade of the whole building.

In the attic floor, part of the aluminum section that modulates the building, extends into the areas where the building is set back, completing in a very subtle way, the complete envelope of the volume of the building.

Being a building entirely covered in glass, it is practically impossible to capture on a plan all the continuous movement of lights, brightness, reflections …, which the material adopts from the surrounding environment, which varies with the rhythm of the clouds, Sun, of the hours. The colors that appear graffiti, are conceived in reality as a chromatic game in continuous movement, which merges with the environment, and with the environment and evolves with it.

Who understands this solution as a “color card”, is because he has never done the exercise of looking at a window and trying to find out what color it is.

Aerial view