SituationAlbuixech, Valencia
Area580 m2
Intervention DYSProject
Construction Management
Urbanism project

This office building is the headquarters in Valencia of CEMEX ESPAÑA, S.A. It is located on plot 17 of the Industrial Polygon of the Mediterranean, in the town of Albuixech. Valencia.

The building is attached to another building of an industrial nature, projected simultaneously, in which an ecological prepared concrete plant is developed, from the HORMICEMEX division.

The office building is developed on the ground floor and one height, with a compositional scheme based on the arrangement of a central body of glazed facade, flanked by a landscaped space that acts as a filter with the nave in the background and brings together all the elements of horizontal and vertical circulation of the building. On both sides of this, two bodies of more opaque treatment work are arranged, in which the different spaces required are organized, according to their degree of compatibility.

Aerial photography of the site