SituationChiva. Valencia
Area6.649 m2
Intervention DYSProject
Construction Management

The building is located in Chiva (Valencia), on a discontinuous plot of 1805 m2, with facade to Doctor Corachán Street 36 and Molinos Street, which crosses the other one, giving rise to the discontinuity.

In response to the configuration of the plot, the building is organized in three blocks, two of them joined, with facades to Doctor Corachán and Molinos Streets and the third independent, with a facade to the Molinos street, exclusively.

The building houses a total of 37 Official Protection of Living , 4 commercial premises, 72 parking spaces and 37 storage rooms.

From the architectural point of view and following the wishes of the promoter, we have opted for solutions that maximize spaces for private use and reduce the common elements.

View of the facade to Doctor Corachán Street

View of the access corridor to housing

It has opted for a minimalist design, in which color takes center stage in the final result of the building

Access corridor to housing

Facade to Molinos Street

Aerial views