Situation: Buñol. Valencia ,
Promoter: PORTICON, S.L.
Area5.132 m2
Intervention DYSProject
Construction Management

The building is located in Música Avenue 12, Buñol, on a plot of 482 m2, with facade to that avenue and the pedestrian square developed in the Execution Unit 3.

It is a building under the Official Protection of Living regime, which has 40 parking spaces, 16 storage rooms, 2 premises and 20 homes; four of them are located on the top floor, have attic and terrace for private use and they are not under the official protection of living regim

The building is developed on ground, on the ground floor and five heights and below ground, on four floors of basement.

Detail of the facade

Facade to Música Avenue

Facade to the pedestrian square

Aerial views


Sections of the building