Situation: El Puig de Santa María, Valencia
Promoter: Private
Area1181 m2
Intervention DYSAdvice prior to acquisition of plot
Construction Management
Project Management
Interior design

Casa junto al Mar, which borders directly on a sandy beach, typical of Costa de Valencia. Located in the Mar Plata residential complex, 15 minutes from the city center, very close to residential areas of high standing with all the services for its use as a permanent residence.

Given the privileged situation of the plot, the building has been designed in such a way that the sea forms the backdrop of all the rooms.

The front part of the plot, which is located within the Maritime-Terrestrial Protection Servitude zone, has been treated as a private garden area, which serves as a filter between this dwelling and the area of ​​public domain.

The main facade, faces to Levante and looks completely to the sea.

The facade, of marked longitudinal character, articulates in two wings from the axis delimited by the accesses and the nucleus of stairs.

The house is divided into four areas, by wings and by floors, allowing an autonomous use of each one of them. In the north-east wing, there are the main rooms of the house.

In the south-east wing, there is the service area and the rest of the rooms. On the first floor the bedrooms of the children are arranged.

The west facade closes to become independent of the houses of second line. It has ripped windows to allow us the circulation of prevailing winds.

The double height lobby and the staircase nucleus are conceived as the articulating element of the building, both inside and outside.

Detail of the backlit natural stone wall of the hall.

Stairs. Views from different points.


Views from the office and main room.

View of the bathroom of the master bedroom.

A large square shower measuring 2 meters on each side delimits the water area, serving as access to the hydromassage bathtub

Windows in the facade allow us to see the sea from the shower and from the bathtub.

The kitchen is a longitudinal piece, with three different areas:

Preparation and cooking area in the foreground; in the middle there is the zone of plating and cleaning; and office area in the background, next to the window to the north terrace.